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Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is done in a strategic way in order to benefit both job seekers and employers.

Our candidates are well trained and have gathered adequate working experience and now employers can be relieved from the burden of training staff as most of the work is done by us.

What Employers Look For / WHAT WE OFFER

Qualifications & Experience:
You just completed your SC or HSC and looking for a job opportunity, but with no working experience?
You just graduated in the field of accounting, finance or management, and yet cannot find a suitable position that suits your qualification?

We provide training and coaching in a work-like environment to boost up your confidence and get you ready for work.
Upon completion of your training, we help you find a job through Professional Skills Recruitment.

Past working experience and good references:
You aspire for a position that matches your past working experience and skills?

Sign up (or upload your CV) on Professional Skills Recruitment.
We will contact you for an interview to know about your background and skills, and will hence help you find your desired job.
We can train and coach you in addition, because having experience with payroll and accounting software gives you a leg up on the competition.

Technical Skills:
Are you not sure if you have the required technical skills for a job?

Our training programs consist mainly of practical knowledge which will help you brush up your software skills. You will be trained with basic math, computer and accounting skills which you will put into practice through a hands-on project on Excel and Quickbooks – accounting software.

Soft Skills such as being a team player, having good communication skills and being detailed-oriented
You have difficulty to interact with people?

During your interview, we will help to improve and strengthen your skills, making you more confident and ready for work.
Also, during our training program, you will be working in groups/teams and get the chance to interact and build new relationships. You will also develop an eye for detail while working with numbers.

Employers seek for employees who have the urge to Learn and Improve
Whatever be your career goal, it’s important to continue your education.
Along with adding to your knowledge base, you’ll demonstrate to employers a continuing interest in your profession.

What we advise:
Take advantage of courses, seminars or other training opportunities. You will better position yourself to excel in your role and propel your career forward.
These training and skills give you an idea of what you need while working or while searching for job.


We are committed to provide a professional service
We are specialised in the field of accounting, finance and management.
We have been offering training programs for many years and have worked with several candidates through their job search.

Many employers find the training and development opportunities expensive within their companies. Employees also miss out on work time while attending training sessions, which may delay the completion of projects. With us, you won’t have to go through the hassle of training candidates for the job. They will be advised, guided and trained through the recruitment process.

– Provides recruitment services to clients seeking to fill vacant positions in their companies
– Provides opportunities to job seekers to find a job in their desired field of work
– Purpose: To offer solutions to both employers and job seekers simultaneously
– Facilitate the search for both employers and job seekers
– Focuses on training and development of candidates to prepare them for both interview and workplace. Training programs also include the development of interpersonal and technical skills of the candidates.
– Being a sister company to PSI which provides training to people to get ready for the workplace, we also help our job seekers to connect to potential employers.
– Employers don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring and training potential candidates in their companies. PSR helps maximize productivity of clients as well as employees. Part of the training is provided at PSI.
– Training provided by experienced trainer, have expertise in the world of accounting and finance.
– Candidates will get acquainted to the world of work during the training. This will boost up their confidence while going for an interview and also while working.
– Making sure both the employers and the job seekers receive the right level of support during the entire recruitment process


We will study your business processes and needs to understand your exact requirements.
As per your requirements of the ideal candidates for your vacant positions, we work closely with our candidates to provide you with the best ones.
We offer hands-on practical training and coaching to our candidates to prepare them for the job.

PSR Approach

Candidates uploading their CV on the PSR website:

1. Screening Process • Going through the CVs and analyzing them

2. Phone Interview • Call the candidates for an interview

3. Face-to-Face Interview • Interviewing the candidates  • Assess their skills and competencies

4. Submission of appropriate CVs to clients

Assessing the Skills and Competencies of Candidates:

• Conduct basic competency assessment with each participant and identify competency gaps

• Addressing those gaps during the training through theoretical and practical exercises

Course Delivery:

*High standard of training in a sustainable manner
*Use of Interactive Style lecturing: combining lecture, discussion, practical exercises through group works.

Post Training Approach – Evaluation Process

Reaction of student – what they thought and felt about the training
Learning – the resulting increase in knowledge or capability
Behaviour – extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation


– Training helps develop your staff and your business.
Training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale.

– Retain staff and attract new talent
Investing in training shows that your business values its staff and their development so you’re more likely to retain current employees and attract new talent.

– Incentive to learn
Incorporating training into your staff development plan gives them an incentive to learn and put their skills into practice in your business.

– Opportunities for promotion
Training can help your staff open opportunities for promotion, new responsibilities and more pay.

– Better job satisfaction
Ongoing staff training supports your staff to up-skill and take on new roles resulting in better job satisfaction and more motivated staff.


We have a high reputation and expertise in the field of accounting and finance and our trained candidates have been able to achieve what they have been aimed for. We have received excellent reviews and comments from our candidates which can be viewed from our social media page  PSI and PSR. Our aim is to help the skilled candidates to find the right job and to assist employers to target the ideal candidates.